New Licences for 2017

New Licences for 2017

Carousel Calendars is excited to be working with a number of big name brands, to produce new ranges that will boast amazing, innovative designs, stunning imagery and photography, and high functionality.   

New Partnerships

Marmite is a British institution and a truly unique brand and as such Carousel Calendars has risen to the challenge to produce their most imaginative and innovative design-led calendar to date. Their creative Family Organiser will be cut to the shape of the famous Marmite jar, along with a backboard designed as a piece of toast, which work in conjunction to create a highly attractive display piece. Unilever and Marmite are extremely excited about the 2017 range from Carousel Calendars.

The artwork of Beryl Cook is one that is instantly recognised and well loved for its unusual yet arresting style and its humour. Carousel Calendars are delighted to be working closely with this brand to produce a selection of products, including a slim and a wall calendar, that showcase her wonderful images and is expected to very popular with Beryl Cook fans, art lovers and new customers alike.

Famous Brands

Carousel Calendars will be working with a number of highly popular artists, and this includes the wonderful work of Rachel Ellen. This brand has seen an incredible rise in popularity since its beginning in 1997, with her designs winning multiple awards and being sold in 36 countries. The range will include slim and fashion diaries, as well as a family organiser, that display Rachel’s unique designs and characters in a fun and fresh manner.

Having shown itself to be highly popular with television audiences, Carousel Calendars is expecting their new Springwatch title to be as equally attractive. The programme charts the fortune of British wildlife during the changing seasons and the Wall Calendar, retailing at £9.99, will continue this educational feel, sharing fascinating facts that are designed to illuminate and enthral.