Carousel Calendars’ Charity Partnerships

Carousel Calendars’ Charity Partnerships

Carousel Calendars will continue its working with leading charities in 2017-dated products, offering stunning products that will appeal to a wide audience, promoting the good values of the charities and helping to raise much needed funds.

The RSPCA is a large and very well respected brand, safeguarding the lives of the nation’s pets and wildlife. Carousel Calendars is pleased to be working closely with this charity to produce a range of fun and appealing calendars for pet lovers and wildlife advocates, featuring happy and healthy animals in enriched environments, upholding and promoting the values of the RSPCA.

Supporting Charities

The aim of the eminent Royal Horticultural Society is to share the best knowledge and expertise to gardeners and plant lovers everywhere, and Carousel Calendars will be offering a range of visually arresting products that will do just that. The wide selection will include Family Organisers, Wall Calendars, Slims, Diaries and CD Calendars that combine beautiful photography and imagery from the famous RHS library with the best in horticultural tips and advice.

Carousel Calendars have been working hard to rebrand the range, creating a new look for new audiences, but one that is still instantly recognisable to the core RHS customer base.