Carousel Calendars Diverse Generics Range Offers Something for All

Carousel Calendars Diverse Generics Range Offers Something for All

Alongside its range of high profile, bestselling licensed titles, Carousel Calendars also provides a huge selection of generic products. With titles featuring everything from sport, travel, pets, wildlife, regionals and landscapes, and available as family planners, slims, walls, diaries and more, there is something for every need and taste. 

Bestselling Generic Titles

Top selling calendars from across the formats include the Mum’s Fabric & Buttons Household Planner, selling over 28,000 units, the Amazing Planet 12×12 which offers fascinating facts about places around the world, and the Wacky World of His n’ Hers, and His Hers n’ Theirs which sold 80,000 units across just two titles. Animal titles prove themselves to be consistently popular, too, with Cute Cats 12×12 as the second strongest generic, and the Horses slim showing a strong performance.

The regional calendars offered by Carousel Calendars cover a wonderfully diverse selection of over 160 titles, featuring many major cities and most English counties, and are full of stunning photography of landscapes, landmarks and notable buildings. There are also broader titles available, such as Scottish Lochs and Mountains, Lake District and Coastlines of Britain, that are particularly attractive to customers.    

Top Transport Titles

For transport enthusiasts, Carousel Calendars offers titles for every interest: for car lovers there are Minis, Landrovers, Dream Cars and Classic British; for train fans there is Romance of Steam and Country Railways; there’s even something for tractor devotees, with Tractors and Irish Vintage Tractors titles.

In order to provide the most accessible range possible, Carousel Calendars creates and produces new titles to fill the niches. New upcoming 2017-dated titles include a running and a cycling calendar, designed to appeal to people who fit their sport around their busy, everyday lives, and will provide tips and information to help improve technique and enjoyment.