Regional Calendars: The Gift of Our Favourite Places

Regional Calendars: The Gift of Our Favourite Places

Carousel Calendars’ range of regional titles is a popular and extensive collection that features almost every county in England and key cities across the UK. It also includes broader titles such as Scottish Highlands, North and South Wales, the West Country and many of the country’s beautiful national parks. Multiple formats are available, from the conventional A4, A5 and slim, to minis and the new, handy desk easel.

A Slice of Home

With such an extensive range full of many different choices, it’s interesting to see what can be inferred from the sales of these titles. They appear to do well as gift options, as the additional envelope is a key feature of the product, suggesting that the calendar is bought with the intention of being posted off elsewhere. This is likely due to customers looking to show off their cities and counties to friends and family, or to send a little slice of home to those that may have moved away.

Popular titles from the collection are the national parks and Scotland calendars, which are full of spectacular photography of these wild, green and dramatic landscapes. The images are often of lakes and mountains and other beautiful natural splendours that people rarely get to see in their day-to-day lives. Perhaps these products also do well because they are a fond reminder of holidays or memorable days out to such locations, or are of a place that they plan to one day visit.

The Personal Touch

Overall it seems that it is this ‘personal’ touch to the regional calendars that ensures their success. People get a thrill from seeing places that they recognise, or have even visited, in a sold product, and even more so when it’s a location to which they have an attachment, such as where they live. Carousel Calendars gives people the opportunity to share their favourite destinations with family and friends, or keep and enjoy them throughout the year.