A Sausage for Every Day!

A Sausage for Every Day!

Carousel Calendars has joined together with the Sausage Dog Hotel to produce an exclusive 2017-dated calendar that is as unique and as appealing as this unusual dog care business.

The Sausage Dog Hotel describes itself as a ‘home away from home’ for dachshunds, providing long- and short-term stays and day care for the little dogs while their owners are on holiday or are at work. The regular walks, big dachshund group meet-ups and other day-to-day exploits of the sausages are all well documented on social media and on the Sausage Dog Hotel website, which has helped the business gain a considerable following.

A Dog Calendar With a Difference

The calendar that has been designed and produced by Carousel Calendars is a 365 wall format, with each day of the year bearing an adorable image of sausage dogs enjoying their stay at the Hotel. The product is available with two variant covers, including dachshunds among the flowers and dachshunds racing over the beach, and can be purchased from Amazon, priced £12.99.

Sausage Dog Hotel has a huge audience on social media, no doubt due to the sharing of wonderful images of sausage dogs loving life at the day care. The new calendar brings together hundreds of these highly attractive photos and so is sure to be a hit with the fans of the Hotel, as well as dachshund lovers.