Carousel Calendars: The Lighter Side of Licences

Carousel Calendars: The Lighter Side of Licences

Carousel Calendars, the Exeter-based calendar publisher and distributor, works closely with 60 iconic brands to produce attractive, bespoke products for each, averaging at three titles per brand. These include big names such as National Trust, RHS, RSPB and other famous charity organisations, but alongside them there are also many quirkier and more niche titles that appeal to and have built up faithful audiences.

Famous Brand Partnerships

Artists and well-known illustrated characters have their following of fans who enjoy buying their favourites each year, such as Matt Sewell’s adorable hand painted British birds, the enduringly popular Betty Boop, or the ceaseless search for the wandering Where’s Wally? Carousel Calendars also work hard year on year to constantly update and reinvigorate such titles to attract new buyers, while preserving the core image that enthusiasts love.

As well as these steadfast titles, Carousel Calendars also seeks new and emerging brands to work with to create on-trend products. A recent example includes the new Emoji calendar, introduced for 2017 and proving instantly popular as it sold out in its first year; hopes are high for it for 2018 as these brightly coloured icons continue to delight. Pain in the Sass is another one from the ‘modern’ collection, aimed at sarcastic and sassy women fed up with the usual stereotypes.  

Niche Audience Appeal

Looking to provide for niche interests, Carousel Calendars has recently started working with the Eddie Stobart brand to create products that feature photographs of the famous red, green and white trucks.

However, having hit over ten years of production, and with over 20,000 products distributed across three titles for 2018, Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell is the true testament to both enduring popularity and niche appeal!