Carousel Calendars and National Geographic Partnership Extends to Europe

Carousel Calendars and National Geographic are continuing their successful partnership into a third year – and it is set to be an extraordinary one that will deliver more new titles, new formats and, in a major move for the calendar company, extend the reach of the range into new countries.

The current range published by Carousel Calendars includes a number of wall calendars, two slim calendars and a Photo of the Day box calendar, all of which include the stunning imagery for which National Geographic is well-known. For the 2021-dated collection, additions such as an A5 diary and an exciting 59 X 48cm large scale format will offer fresh and attractive new options, with the large formats developed in particular to really showcase the beautiful photography of National Geographic. Up to 15 extra titles will be added, which means the range will offer over 30 different titles in total, focusing on National Geographic’s strong animal and landscape imagery.

Extending the Partnership

Having performed very well in sales in the UK, Carousel Calendars is pleased to announce that the partnership will lead them to branch out into Europe, and the new 2021 range will be available in major European countries including France, Norway, Spain and the Netherlands among others. Expanding a licence into Europe is a major step for the calendar company, and is indicative of the successful work with National Geographic that has led to the organisation choosing to go forward with Carousel Calendars for this endeavour.

With National Geographic’s approach to the planet, Carousel Calendars are seeking to develop this range to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. The company has made a number of recent changes in this direction, including replacing shrink-wrap packaging with recyclable options, removing and replacing excess plastic, and using responsibly-sourced paper, and will join National Geographic’s commitment to the environment in the production of the products.