Sea Change – The Plastic Detox from Carousel Calendars

Currently available from Carousel Calendars is the new 2020-dated ‘Sea Change’ calendar, created in collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society. This leading marine charity is dedicated to protecting the seas around the UK through the creation of well-managed protected areas. As many of us are aware, a particularly hot-button topic at the moment is plastics polluting the oceans, and it is this issue that brought together MCS and Carousel Calendars to create the new product.  

The calendar promotes the work that the organisation does, to spread the message of the dangers to the oceans, and the changes that can be made to combat them. It is packed with information, including statistics that highlight the plight, quotes from famous environmentalists, scientists and advisors, and tips and tasks that provide clear and easy to follow advice on how to reduce reliance on plastics and non-recyclable materials.

Reducing Plastics

With the health of our seas being such an important issue currently, the work of the MSC is more vital than ever, but just recently they were mentioned in the media in conjunction with something more unusual: an image of a giant barrel jellyfish, dwarfing diver Lizzie Daly, photographed by fellow diver Dan Abbot off the coast of Cornwall. The pair were on their final day of Wild Ocean Week, where they had been capturing documentation of marine wildlife all around the UK coasts and raising funds for the Marine Conservation Society, when the giant creature emerged from the gloom. Having originally been in the area to search for blue sharks, spending half an hour with this surprise visitor was an unexpected twist in their marine adventures, and afterwards proved to be very popular with new sites and social media fans across the internet, as well as drawing attention to the variety of life in our seas.

The MCS ‘Sea Change’ calendar is part of Carousel Calendars’ own commitments to reducing plastic waste. For 2020, the calendar company has been trialling a new packaging idea, replacing the outer shrink wrap for an easily-recyclable cardboard envelope, and as a product that is focusing on protecting the environment, the ‘Sea Change’ title was a clear choice for this new initiative. It is one of a select group of similar products that will be available with this new-look packaging.

Environmental Commitments

This change in packaging is part of a wider environmental scheme from Carousel Calendars. Other commitments that the company is pledging include: looking at what other materials can be used as packaging, or even removing packaging altogether; aiming to make all their plastic packaging reusable or recyclable; and removing plastic wherever possible, such as the four-tonne reduction that has come as a result of replacing their box calendar stands with cardboard.  Carousel are proud to be working with the eminent conservation organisation on such an important topic, and hope to continue this successful partnership into 2021 with further educational and informative Marine Conservation Society products.