Carbon Footprint and Decreasing Emissions

As a business, we are committed to lowering our carbon footprint, both in terms of direct and indirect emissions, and seeking to pass on these values to the suppliers that we use to produce our products. There are many different avenues to cover, as there are many different ways that, as a company, we create emissions. However, we are pleased to announce:


We have achieved this through a series of initiatives, including changes to our lighting, switching to electric company cars and through power monitoring, as well as offsetting emissions that we can’t personally change through schemes that supply renewable power, plant woodland, reduce deforestation and provide clean water and other fuels.

Though we know we have more to do, we are delighted to have reached such a milestone.

We first measured our carbon footprint in January 2020 for the previous year’s trading. This remains our baseline measurement. Measurements were done in line with the GHG protocols and using Government emissions factors and are split into scope 1, 2 and 3 accordingly.

In 2020 we set a plan of action to reduce our emissions and we continue to actively focus on reducing emissions ourselves every year, as well as reducing our scope 3 emissions by engaging with our suppliers.

FSC and Responsibly-Sourced Materials

Paper for 95% of our products is sourced from FSC-accredited suppliers. We completed our first timber tracker document in 1996, after the 1995 Plus Group was formed by some key UK high street retailers. It used to be exceedingly hard to get information on paper from the mills and pulp suppliers, but the global acceptance of FSC standards since means that FSC pulp is available in most print centres around the world and there is rarely a reason not to use FSC-accredited papers.

Our products all bear a label on the back showing their FSC accreditation, and we will seek to add additional information to our products about the sustainability of all that we sell, so customers can always make an informed purchase.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Removing plastic from the packaging of our products has been one of our top priorities over the last few years. Through innovation and development, we have introduced a number of plastic-free packaging options to our calendars. We will continue to increase this across our full range, as well as, where possible, removing plastics within the products, such as the four tonne reduction that came as a result of changing our box calendar stands from plastic to cardboard.

Read more about our Plastic-Free Packaging.

Further Actions

If you would like to find out more information about any of our environmental or ethical commitments or to discuss them in more depth, then please don’t hesitate to Get in Touch.