Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Before you register with us as a contributing photographer, please take time to read through and fully understand our guidelines for making submissions.
Please note that we only accept digital submissions.

1. WeTransfer Where possible, please send your images via WeTransfer. It is a free service that is simple to use and is capable of sending images of large sizes. Simply go to to use.

2. File Names Please ensure that each individual image file has a unique reference number or code at the start of the file name. Unfortunately, we will not accept images that do not have a unique reference at the start of the file name.

2. Image size and format Digital images must be at least 2750 pixels on the shortest dimension. We are happy to receive images as either TIFF or JPEG files. We do not accept RAW images. Image files do not need to be saved in separate folders by subject. Please do not include a separate set of low-res images as our system will automatically create low-res images for us, to aid our selection process.

3. Image enhancements The photographer should submit images that he or she believes is the best available and while we prefer to see images with little or no sharpening or colour enhancement we accept that at times some post capture enhancement is necessary to bring out the best in an image. Please remember, however, that digital enhancements can lead to artefacts that undermine image quality and may result in your images not being selected for our products.

4. Image manipulation We must be informed of any significant changes to images that have been achieved through digital enhancement or manipulation. By significant change we are referring, for example, to the movement or placement of a subject within an image or a significant change in colour of a subject or component of an image. We are not referring to cleaning the image for dust marks or small changes in hue, saturation or sharpening.

5. Captions and key words We will only accept digital submissions if captions and/or key words are included within the digital file using the File Info option within Photoshop or the IPTC option in other software. We do not accept digital submissions with a separate (hard copy) list of captions. It is particularly important that the following is included in the caption and/or key words:

  • Landscapes – Exact location to include the name of any buildings, bridges or monuments, town, county, region and country if an overseas location
  • Wildlife – species and scientific or latin name
  • Domestic animals/pets – species or breed
  • Transport and other machines – manufacturer and model etc

Please also include your full name as a key word.

6. Age of image It is important that our calendars show views of places that are up to date and accurate. City skylines and views change as buildings are demolished and new ones built, but this can also be true of towns, villages and the countryside. We prefer that images are taken within the last twelve months before submission but if you submit older images it is your responsibility to ensure that they are still an accurate representation of the place. Please note that we will not pay for any image used that has been incorrectly captioned.

7. Standard Payments Carousel pay a fee for all photographs used and this fee will vary according to the size of the image reproduction or the size of the calendar. The rates for our more common formats are detailed below, Carousel reserves the right to change the payment terms in advance of final publication of any calendar. Contributing photographers and artists will be informed of any change in payment terms before final publication. Cover images are usually used again on the inside pages of the calendar and a 50% premium is usually paid for the cover and inside usage.

FormatSize (image reproduction size)Usage rate
Wall calendar305x305mm£35
Wiro wall calendar305x305mm£22
A4 calendar210x297mm£30
A5 calendar148x210mm£22
Slim calendar130x95mm£18
A3 calendar297x420mm£35
365 image per day*Varies£2.50
365 Scotland image per dayVaries£4
Mini calendar178mmx183mm£22
Slim diaryVaries£18
Engagement diary180mmx230mm£22

* Please note that images used for the 365-day calendars are only selected if used in another regional calendar where we have paid standard usage fees. The 365-day usage is therefore an additional usage fee. The image size for the 365-day calendars are small.

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